Friday, March 5, 2010

Wrist Shots

- We're playing Nashville tonight. I liked it better when they played in the Gaylord Center. Every game against Nashville's important to me, because I have a good friend who lives in Nashville. Bragging rights are at stake here.

- Once again, I'll be unable to WATCH the game tonight, as the wireless internet on this base cowers in fear in the face of any kind of video streaming. The radio feeds seem to do okay, but they generally lag somewhere between 45 seconds to a minute.

- Jimmy's starting tonight. My completely professional opinion is that while Ozzie's sitting on the bench with his clipboard, he should be keeping track of the team's H2H performances, too. Take a little weight off of our shoulders.

- Having little else to offer in terms of actual, thoughtful analysis, I'm going to formally announce my 2 new performance pledges for H2H.
The first regarding Helm: For every goal he scores from now until March 26th, I'll match his season's goal total with cash. Right now, he's sitting at 8 goals. His next goal (9) will be worth $9. The next goal will be worth $10. And so on...
My second new pledge is going to be $5 for every defenseman's goal from in or below the faceoff circles. I'll need a little help with keeping tabs on that one, though, so if someone could kindly volunteer to keep track of that for me, it'd be much appreciated. Here's a pretty little diagram to help the scorekeepers out there:
SHIT'S CASH! (At least $7 for this goal alone.)
NO BUENO! (Only about $2.)
(This isn't worth any money, but totally expected tonight.)

- That having been said, go Wings!

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