Monday, March 1, 2010

We've Created a Monster

Michael and Rob, the criminal masterminds over at The Production Line, came up with a twist on the bet for the USA-CAN gold medal game. $2 for every Wings goal scored in the upcoming 12 games. They urged others to match their pledges, much like I matched the original bet.
And they came a-callin'.
To keep tabs on all the people and pledges (there are some damn good, original ones in there, too...) follow TPL's seemingly ever-changing post here.

Funny thing happened when I was reading that post, though...
For every Red Wings goal from now until we get on the plane, Rob and I will donate $2 to the fund.
I read that and was just a little confused. My name also being Rob, my first thought was "when did we discuss this?"
But then I decided to match it regardless. So, much like I threw my hat in the ring on the original Olympic bet, I'm also donating $2 per goal for these next 12 games.
But with a twist.
I'm also going to add an ADDITIONAL dollar for the Wings' overall goal differential in these next 12 games.

For instance, at this very moment, our beloved Red Wings are playing the Avalanche with a 3-2 lead. So with this game alone, it's currently a $7 donation. The next goal would add another $3, 2 for the goal, and 1 for the +/- rating.

Apparently the game just went final, Wings 3, Avs 2. So, my bar tab, if you will, is sitting at $6 for goals, and $1 for goal differentials. $7. (On top the $60 I just donated today.)

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