Saturday, March 27, 2010

The H2H Game

First, I'll address the game. In the first period, the Wild thought they had scored a goal. The puck was on the line for about 3 months until it was swept away. The play went to review, and the first thing I thought of was, "Welcome to Hockeytown, Herm. This is what it's come to these days." Luckily, the refs didn't bend us over the bench boards and have their way with us. The first period ended tied up at nuts.
The second was reminiscent of the Chicago game a while back. 4 goal blow out in the frame, with every kind of goal you can think of being scored. There was Homer's power play goal, there was (apparently) Ericsson's shorthanded goal, and there were even strength tallies. Diverse scoring. This is key, and it's something we expect from our Wings. And it's coming back.
Okay, yes; Frickin' Franzen had 2 goals, Pav scored, and Homer scored, and they're who we expect to score for us. That's not diverse. But like I just said, you can have 3 kinds of goals in this game of hockey. Man up, man down, or even. We got them all. Then we had Miller adding his goal in the 3rd. And shorthanded specialist (seriously, 25% of his goals are with someone in the box) Ericsson scoring. I like seeing this.
To be completely honest, I didn't really pay much attention to most of the 3rd period, I was mostly chatting it up with Sad Face Group Team Leaders and stalking the H2H tweeps online for pics and other things to give me something to pretend I was there.
I guess Yimmy gave up a flukey goal to make it 4-2, and for all of .00003 seconds, I was concerned about the game. If the Hockey Gods cursed us and threw this game to the Wild, I personally would have gone all Kratos on them and destroyed them all. Pandora's Box and all. But I really didn't see that happening. The Wild's first goal was a PP goal. And the second was a strange, improbable goal. There was nothing in the Minnesota game that was more than the Wings had been handling all night.

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