Sunday, February 28, 2010

It Came to Me in a Dream

I have physical therapy in the morning at 5:30, so I tried to get to sleep early today, but me being the insomniac I am, that hardly worked. So I started reading, hoping it would help. I dozed off reading Dexter in the Dark, and found myself in a dream.
In this dream, America had won the gold by the 3-2 score, and then Maria was paying up her end of the bargain. But it was only $30, not the $60 that myself and Michael would be putting in after I matched his bet. I felt bad, thinking about how it was all for a good cause and all that jazz. So I decided to match her bet, too, like I matched the other one.
In the dream.
I woke up then. And decided why not do it anyways, now?

$10 for every American goal.
I don't care that they didn't win.

So here's my math:
The score was Canada 3, USA 2, but I refuse to acknowledge Crosby scored, so we're sitting at 2-2.
But I'm going to donate 5 dollars for every goal Rafalski scored against Canada the first go around.
So (2+2)10+5x2... remember your PEMDAS?

$50 will be coming from me tomorrow sometime to the Herm 2 Hockeytown Children's Hospital Charity Fund Thingamabobber.

You'll forgive me for this post, as I'm still half groggy on account of just waking up.

Our good friend @marl0nbrand0 decided to donate $3 for every Canadian gold won in these Olympics, $2 for every silver, and $1 for every bronze. I tried to do some quick math in my head and falsely tweeted it was going to come up to about $71. A check of my trusty calculator soon told me I was about $10 off. BUT FEAR NOT! He will still be donating $71 like I said he would, I'm just gonna loan him the extra 10 dollars. So at this point, we're looking at a donation of $60. Coming to a total of $151 from me, Marlon, and Michael.

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  1. Thanks for your donation, it is much appreciated.