Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Might Have Gotten Carried Away

So, I was reading the “debate” on the 2010 Men’s USA Hockey Team fan page on Facebook about if Buffalo was the new “Hockey Town” [sic].

At first, it was a poor excuse for a debate, amounting to not much more than “Uh-huh.” “Nuh-uh.” “Uh-huh.” “Nuh-uh.” “PHILLY!!!!!!1!!!” “Nuh-uh.” “Nuh-uh.”

Then, those lovely, respectable people in Buffalo started taking things, in my eyes, out of hand.

“Detroit a shit hole buffalo def”

“lol…..detroit…..i mean…..who in the hell wants to go there? let them have their little “hockey town” title…..God knows that cesspool of a city has nothing else going for them…..”

“Well then Hockeytown is a ghetto”

And my personal favorite “who else but detroit destoyss their city after winning the cup” (You can find that asshole here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000590664416)

Meanwhile, the Detroiters/Red Wings faithful kept their retorts and arguments within the confines of that lovely little 200x85 foot rectangle… rounded rectangle thing, where the games are played. They merely brought up the overwhelming Cup evidence, the playoffs streak, the fact that there are 6 Michiganders in the Olympics (including Buffalo’s beloved Ryan Miller), and the Winter Classic’s ratings blowout.

Not once did I see a Wings supporter mention anything bad about the quality of Buffalo’s fans, the city itself, or even talk bad about the Sabres.

So, with me having a short internet temper at times, and having not written a decent amount of anything since moving to New River, decided to throw my hat in the ring. My response is as follows:

“Detroit has won more Stanley Cups in the past 15 years than the number of times that Buffalo has even seen the Cup Finals.
And if people want to start making this a mudslinging contest, talking bad about Detroit’s fans and the state economy, well then a) you’re terribly mistaken because Detroit has NEVER rioted after a Cup win or after last year’s Cup loss, and b) when the ticket prices at the Joe directly reflect the economy in the Metro Detroit area, then you can talk about the fanbase.
And Detroit as a shithole? We’ve hosted MANY Stanley Cup Finals, on account of being better than 29 other teams in the leauge, we’ve hosted MLB’s All-Star game, we’ve hosted the Super Bowl, and we’d recently had the NBA finals AND the NCAA Basketball Tournaments. Maybe it’s not as much of as shithole as you think it is.
And after that, if you still want to base the ‘rightful’ owners of the nickname off of those things, then you don’t even deserve the title, because you’re just pitiful, overzealous fanatics. It’s one thing to be a fan, but when you start letting it get to your head and cloud your judgment that you’ll go so far as to insult your opponent for no good reason at all, you’re just a sad, sad person.
So, let’s let the facts and the stats speak for themselves.

Detroit is the ONLY Hockeytown.”

So, yeah. I think I got a little carried away. Not for writing it, but for writing THAT MUCH. I don’t think anyone’s actually going to read all of that. Ever.

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