Thursday, February 25, 2010

10 Hockey Truths. According To Me.

10) I am hotter than the Sedin twins. This has been confirmed by multiple, independent parties. Just had to throw that one out there.

9) The mandatory shoot outs after every preseason game were fun, exciting and fresh. It has since worn out it's welcome and needs to be done away with.

8) The referees should be suspended above the rink on cables, dropping in only when needed. Okay, maybe not that extreme, but there must be a new plan to make them more effective while less intrusive.

7) It should be mandatory for you to have a Twitter page if you wear the C or the A on your chest.

6) If the puck goes up into the netting, you should be able to play it when it comes back to the ice.

5) There should be multiple cameras IN the pipes of the net to get definitive views of goals/no goals.

4) A goalie playing the puck outside of the trapezoid seems to be the opposite of actually "delaying the game". Either change the name of the penalty, or just stop the play if it happens.

3) Gordie Howe has been and will always be better than Wayne Gretzky. The numbers are misleading.

2) The practices where the players all swap positions should always be televised.

1) The Detroit Red Wings will always be the best team in sports. (It's a cop out, I know.)

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