Thursday, November 18, 2010

And the Tweet Goes On...

You see what I did there? I rhymed 'beat' with 'tweet'...

The Wings won another game tonight. This time snatching an overall poorly played game from the young, upstart, 'contenders for the Central' Blues.

The first few periods were, according to what I've been reading and hearing, disappointing. I did manage to see Yimmy's brilliant skate blade kick save to close out the first, but then I was distracted by silly little things like random shit online and throwing out/packing my belongings for my trip back to Michigan on Friday. My feed went out for a while and I just let it sit like that for a good chunk of time during the second while other pressing matters were still at hand.

Fortunately, the Wings not only came out in the third looking determined to win the game, but over a span of 4 minutes, they proved once again why they're the best team in this league when they get clicking. This is not a team you want to have an off night against. This is not a team you want to have an off period against. Or, like tonight, this is not a team you want to have an off 5 minutes against.

Yimmy is good enough of a goaltender to keep the Wings in games they should be losing. And the Wings are deadly enough that they can embarrass you for taking just one shift off.

Hell, this might just be the strategy. Only play 5 minutes worth of a game. That way, when the playoffs come, while every other team has played 82 games, the Wings will theoretically only have played 16.4 games.

there were more important things that happened tonight for the Red Wings.

Actually it was more like for one Red Wing.

But really, it was for me.

Dan Cleary, my boy -and apparently my sock puppet- scored yet again. Not just once, either. Twice. One being your tie breaking, game winning goal. Here's a running update for you:

Before my tweet: 1G, 4A, -2, 23 SOG
After my tweet: 8G, 1A, +7, 18 SOG
I, admittedly, was terrified that my last post was going to be a jinx. I was going to hate myself forever and for eternity if, after posting that, he came out and laid a big fat goose egg. But, I did do a little research (you know I love that research) and found he had about 22 points in about 50 games in his career against the Blues. So I felt a little better about posting it. And he rewarded my confidence in him with a great game again. He is the anti-Dennis Nedry to my John Hammond. I love that man.

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