Sunday, May 30, 2010

No, I Didn't Die When the Red Wings Lost (aka Who Now?!)

Yeah, I fully intended on writing a wrap-up of some sort. Either about the game 5 loss, or a season review, or at least SOMETHING instead of just letting this website atrophy in neglect.

But things happened.

Personal things happened to me, personal things happened to my best friends, things happened to my computer... A lot of things happened.

So here we are now, a full series after the Wings were eliminated from the playoffs, one game into the Stanley Cup Finals, and Red Wings Nation is in a bit of a pickle. We're not really used to having hockey without the Wings playing, and we just do not know where our loyalties need to lie now. Chicago. Philadelphia. The cons for either team definitely outweigh the pro.

So who should we really pull for now?

Do we root for Chicago, hoping to keep the Cup in the West, keep it in the division, and deal with having to hear from Chicago fans who pull their heads out of their asses long enough to say some smarmy, cocky, stupid comments?
Do we root for Philadelphia, hoping that Chicago gets theirs, knocks them down a peg, shatters their pride, but have to see Ville Leino hoist a Cup after getting it handed to him by Pronger?

Or do we just boycott the whole thing, not pay attention, and look forward to the 2 biggest days coming up, July 1st and opening day?

Well, one of the things that sets us Wings fans apart from half of the other teams' fans is that we're all legitimate hockey fans, too, so I don't think that we'll be able to just block everything out. Judging from what I saw tonight on Twitter, most of us were still watching the game (although not really tweeting as much about it as when, you know, the GOOD team plays...) and still getting our hearts -and our brains- ripped out by everything NBC chose to broadcast.

But we tough it out. Despite watching two teams we all have a solid case for hating play for the trophy that belongs to us. Despite having to put up with some of the most useless, asinine comments and "analysis" the NBC/Versus/non-FSD crews come up with. Despite having come *this* close to swearing off hockey for good about 159 times during the regular season/playoffs. We stick around.

And I'm going to to that here, too. So don't worry.

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