Saturday, April 3, 2010

Didn't We Do This LAST Week?!

So, it's been a week since I've followed any Red Wing game at all. It's been a crazy week, with things here in New River slowly crawling to a close. Soon, I'll be on a plane (or maybe just a bus) back up to Detroit for a month, where the shenanigans will come to a head.

Last week, the H2Hangover was nursed back to health(?) with the second game in as many nights against, well, the same team we're facing tonight.

Personally, I don't expect the same utterly boring/completely exciting game that we witnessed last week. Why? Some key differences I can think of this time around:
  • REST -The Wings were playing the second half of back to back games when these to clubs went to the 11 round shoot out shut out win for the Wings. This go around, the Wings have had a day to rest their legs and I'm guessing Yimmy didn't have a birthday yesterday, either.
  • ICE -That last game was in the Gaylord Center, where the ice was just about perfect if you're into pond hockey and shit like that. This game will be played in the good ol' JLA, where the ice is just about as good as you can get in the NHL.
  • NO SLOTHS -I will be busy again tonight, trying to make up for last night, doing questionable things in questionable places with questionable people. Seriously, though, I'll be having another class function (just another excuse to drink) and unable to follow the game. Which means I can't lurk over at the WIM game thread and post pictures of sloths that may or may not have contributed to the lackluster opening 65 minutes of the game in Nashville.

Other than that, just refer to my last pregame post and change all the difference in your head. For instance, that "4 game win streak" is now "7 game win streak". And feel free to change all mentions of H2H and their hangovers to my class, after the epic night of drinking and hooliganism we had last night.

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