Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This Bears Repeating

Since I can't really put it any better, I'm plainly going to rip off Nightmare on Helm Street:

USA Today is running a poll of its readers of who is the greatest player in any sport to wear 19.  I think the answer is obvious, but right now, The Captain is lagging far behind Johnny Unitas and some ancient named Bob Feller. 
We can't have this, so here's my call out to you Red Wing nation, get Yzerman that honor.  Only around 5K people have voted so far, so it can easily be swayed.  
Vote here, vote often.  Tell your friends.  Tweet.  Facebook.  Write.  Yell.  Etc.  Just get our 19 to #1.  
Here's the article.  
Steve Yzerman, once a Wing, always a Wing.

Go vote. And then go vote again on a different computer. And then get your parents and co-workers to vote.

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