Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Red Wings Ugly Third Jersey Contest

Last week, I posed a question to my followers on Twitter, asking what 28 other teams in the league had that the Red Wings didn’t. I got various responses, saying cheerleaders, mascots, and Canadian captains.

The answer that I was looking for was an official 3rd jersey.

Ever since the league okayed teams to submit 3rd jerseys for approval back in 1995, every team in the league but 2 has had an officially sanctioned 3rd jersey.

Who are those two holdout teams?
Oddly enough, we'll see them both in action, sharing the ice tomorrow night.

The most important? The Detroit Red Wings. The most ironic? New Jersey.


Seriously, how funny is it that New Jersey hasn’t really had a new jersey to market?
But that’s me getting distracted.

The point is, most of the 3rd jerseys the league has allowed have been absolutely hideous. Just look at the ones in use this season.

Okay, truth be told, I really like the Los Angeles one...

On the 14th of this month, during a game against the Columbus Blue Jackets and their very own atrocious 3rd jerseys, @sigsegfalt called for a contest to see who could, in keeping with the NHL’s long standing tradition of allowing teams to abandon color schemes and common sense, come up with the world’s worst possible Detroit Red Wings 3rd Jersey. 

Well, Red Wings Nation, ask and you shall receive.
I’m very proud to announce a partnership with the guys over at The Production Line in bringing you the 
Red Wings Ugly Third Jersey Photoshop Contest.

The rules? There are no rules. Just Photoshop/MS Paint/Gimp what you think would be the worst possible Red Wings 3rd jersey and send your creation to either EtchedInCold@Gmail.com or contact@theproductionline.us by February 10th. At the end of the weeks leading up to the announcement of the winner, you’ll see some of the best (or is it worst?) submissions on this site and over on TPL.

What’s your motivation?

  • The second runner up will receive what’s known in some circles as the ultimate vintage card prize pack, featuring, among others, an autographed Tim Cheveldae card.
  • First runner up will receive a shirt from The Production Line store.
  • Grand prize will be a chance to see your design on an actual shirt, handmade/screen printed by me.

So, remember, turn in your ideas before February 10th, and keep checking in here and over at The Production Line to see some of the worst Red Wing jersey ideas you’ve ever seen in your life.

Bad is good, and good is bad. 


  1. We are going to SMOKE you in this cage match, Masters!

    Wait...this is collaboration, not a contest?

    Ah...right-o then. Stoked we teamed up!

    Also, of note - Am I the only one that thinks the Calgary third is actually cool?

  2. The Calgary third is good in a classic throwback for the team kind of sense, but the color scheme is just garish.

    Carolina and SanJo also have some ALRIGHT ones...

  3. I'm with you-the LA 3rd is actually not bad.
    I love this idea, though!

  4. I like Calgary's third and am actually quite a fan of the New York 3rd. Also, piping is f***ing retarded, so someone with photoshop skills needs to work that in there.